Thursday, 28 July 2011

Free Call Pc to Mobile any where

Hello my dear blog readers i was surfing internet to find a way to make a free PC to mobile call in Pakistan. I went through a lot of such websites who offering free calls but I hardly get any site that offer online free calls to Pakistan. After lot of efforts finally I got a website which not only give away free trial call to Pakistan but my family can call me from Pakistan to UK. Even you do not need to download any software on your PC, no signup, no credit card and no ad etc required, it is straight away 100% free calls.

Evaphone is basically using VoIP based services  and very well known in telecom industry. Off course the reason would be that they give away free calling offers which most of companies do to grab some customers. Relatively evaphone is old company which not only provides free calling services to Pakisan and UK but can you make a free PC to phone call on daily basis to all around the world. The best thing with Evaphone is they provide you free calls to expensive countries such like Pakistan, India, free calls to Bangladesh, free calls to Srilanka and so on. So if you or your family belong to those countries then go ahead and give it a try and enjoy free calling.

  1. Go to their site here
  2. Select the country from the drop down menu and enter your destination number. Or simply dial the full number with country code such as 923075541558.
  3. Once you entered the destination number, hit dial icon and call will be connected to your desired number. Your destination party will see “unknown” number as callerid at his/her cell phone.
The voice quality I was hearing was very good but there was one problem. When my family makes call to me from Pakistan to UK then this service  allow us to talk for the longer time as compare to when I call to my family in Pakistan. Anyway that depends on the location, give it a try according to your destination and see how longer you can talk on daily basis. When I say daily basis it means evaphone allows only one free call in a day.


  1. it's true not a joke try it /.............
    trust me ,,,, and enjoy it ........
    please comments


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